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Nine points theorem

Nine points theorem, conformal

Nine points theorem,

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Project Information

Symbolic, numeric and graphic manipulations in Non-Eclidean geometry: moebinv

The project contains two C++ libraries for symbolic, numeric and graphical manipulations in non-Euclidean geometry. The first library Cycle implements basic on cycles (quadrics) through SFSCc construction. The second library Figure operates on ensembles of cycles connected by Moebius-invariant relations, e.g. orthogonality.
Both libraries are based on the Clifford algebra capacities of the GiNaC computer algebra system. Besides C++ libraries there is a Python wrapper, which can be used in interactive mode.
The core of both libraries is done for spaces with an arbitrary dimension. In addition, there are some 2D/3D-specific routines including a visualisation to PS/PDF/PNG files through Asymptote software. The source code is written in literate programming environment NoWeb.

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Contributor to the project

Cameron Kumar (cycle3D-visualiser)

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A simple example of interactive usage in Python shell:

Interacrive usage in the Python shell

An example of animated illustration:

Further animations are presented at the YouTube playlist.

An example of 3D illustration:

Apollonius problem in 3D

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